Police post for Mayor

Mayor of Hartlepool Stuart Drummond
Mayor of Hartlepool Stuart Drummond

HARTLEPOOL Mayor Stuart Drummond has been elected as vice-chair of the Cleveland Police Authority.

The Cleveland Police Authority is an independent body made up of 17 people including councillors, a magistrate and members of the public from across the region.

It manages the Cleveland Police budget and works with local councils before setting the police part of the annual council tax bill.

Mayor Drummond, who has been a member of the authority for just over a year, was elected at the authority’s AGM.

His role will be to support Peter Race, the Cleveland Police Authority chairman and represent the authority at meetings and conferences in his absence.

Mayor Drummond receives a £58,135 allowance for being Mayor, plus the basic Hartlepool members allowance of £5,767 and an additional £15,687 a year for being a member of the Cleveland Police Authority.

The Police Authority payment includes a basic allowance of £9,548 plus £6,139 for being vice-chair.

That means Mayor Drummond receives a total of £79,589 for his roles at Hartlepool Borough Council and Cleveland Police Authority.

Mayor Drummond said: “I am pleased to have been elected but I was a little shocked to be honest as I have only been a committee chair for just over a year.

“This will give Hartlepool a bigger voice.

“In terms of direct responsibility my role will be much the same as the other committee members but I will be asked to represent the authority at various meetings in the chair’s absence.”

Mayor Drummond added that he had been approached in the past couple of weeks by Mr Race to see if he would be consider becoming vice-chair.

He was first appointed in July last year and his four-year term is due to expire in July 2014.

All members of the Cleveland Police Authority receive a basic allowance of £9,548.

Mr Race, who was appointed chair in May this year, receives the basic allowance plus an additional £13,186 for being chair which gives him a grand total of £22,734.

Labour councillor Carl Richardson, who is chair of the council, also represents Hartlepool on the authority and receives the basic allowance of £9,548.

The authority also monitors the performance of the police force and appoints the Chief Constable and senior officers.

All allowances are paid for by the Cleveland Police Authority.