Police ready to tackle public’s priority issues

POLICE say tackling issues that matter to people in their communities is a key priority for them.

Detective Chief Inspector Steve Chapman, of Durham Police, said that whatever their rank and role, all of the force’s officers are ready to deal with issues that affect local people’s quality of life.

Det Chief Insp Chapman said: “Members of the public across the force area tell us that anti-social behaviour is one of the main issues that blight their communities and, therefore, their lives.

“Anti-social behaviour takes many forms and might vary from youths hanging around making a nuisance of themselves in one town, to dog fouling in another, while speeding motorists might be considered a major problem elsewhere.

“Whatever the issue or crime adversely affecting our communities, members of the public can be confident we will take the action necessary to tackle it.

“We are police officers first and foremost and specialists second so, irrespective of rank or role, if an officer is aware of a community concern they will do their utmost to tackle it.”

Police say it comes after a Shotton Colliery woman was given a £50 penalty notice after allowing her dog to foul and not clearing it up.

He added: “Problem-solving policing is at the heart of what we do and we work with a range of partner agencies and organisations to achieve positive outcomes.

“It may be that an issue is reported to police but one of our partner agencies is better-placed to deal with it. In such instances a multi-agency approach enables us to tackle issues in a joined-up way to ensure a successful conclusion.”