Police seize off-road bike

Sergeant  Peter Howarth with the seized bike
Sergeant Peter Howarth with the seized bike

POLICE have seized a high-performance motorbike as part of efforts to put the breaks on noisy nuisances.

The expensive Derbi Senda off-road bike was confiscated from a house in Irvine Road, on Hartlepool’s Owton Manor estate, after officers received intelligence that it had been causing a disturbance.

It came as part of a Hartlepool Police campaign to rid the streets of nuisance bikes in the south area of Hartlepool.

The owner argued with police in the street as they took it away. But he could not produce any paperwork to show it was his so it may now be crushed.

Sergeant Peter Howarth said off-road bikes were the number one priority in the Fens, Owton Manor and Greatham areas after they were repeatedly brought up at community meetings by both residents and councillors.

Their main complaints were the unbearable noise caused by exhausts, the danger caused by bikes heading along paths, streets and over fields and the blatant disregard of the law by their riders.

Sgt Howarth said officers have been working tirelessly to stop those responsible and officers are delighted with the seizure.

He told the Mail: “Off-road motorcycles have been a big issue in this area of town.

“We will not tolerate this dangerous and anti-social behaviour and those responsible will be dealt with and their bikes seized.

“Patrols of the affected areas are continuing and we urge local residents to report any such use of motorcycles.”

He added: “We have had reports from local councillors of children being nearly hit and the noise affects many people’s lives.

“Unless people can produce insurance and a driving licence we will seize their bikes and they will be crushed.

“We will also look at any document offences and take them to court. We will use everything in our power to make sure they are dealt with robustly.”

Representatives of Housing Hartlepool also visited the property to give advice to the tenants and explain that tenancies can be put in jeopardy by criminal behaviour.

Anyone with information that could help police on the subject of off-road bikes should contact officers on (01642) 326326.