Angie Wilcox’s resignation letter in full

Angie Wilcox.
Angie Wilcox.

THIS is a full copy of the resignation letter sent by Angie Wilcox to Hartlepool Council’s chief solicitor Peter Devlin.

Dear Peter

Following recent events and a discussion with the Leader of the Council it is with deep regret I tender my resignation as a Councillor of Manor House ward.

Nothing will deter me from holding dear the true core values and principles of the Labour Party and I shall continue to actively support the residents of the ward I have proudly represented.

Let us not also lose sight of the huge investment within the Manor House ward within such a short period of time and the relentless work strengthening the community by residents, volunteers and Councillors.

I fully support the new Governance of the Council and whole heartedly commend those within the Council who are genuinely striving to imrpve the services provided and the lives of residents in the town.

I remain steadfast in my view that I have at no time done anything wrong or untoward but it is difficult to challenge those who have little regard for truth and honesty.

Whilst I have been silent on what were previously ‘confidential’ matters I must defend Manor Residents as they were and remain a fair and very loyal employer.

Some of those alleging offences by Manor Residents have such short memories and would remind them of our duty of care when we provided flexible working to said employees due to home life stress they were suffering whilst paying full-time salary.

Another of those alleging wrong doing were taken into my very own home at a time their own family made them homeless.

I challenge anyone to claim these are the actions of an uncaring employee.

It is now for them to live with their own consciences.

At no time was anyone paid less than minimum wage and contracts were duly in place, which both parties failed to produce and claimed they were lost.

All of the above have been instrumental in my decision to step down from the council and ultimately I shall now be able to focus my energies within the community and restoring the reputation of Manor Residents’ Association.

The whole catalogue of events has had a detrimental effect on my family and those I hold dear and I cannot allow this to continue.

Yours Sincerely,

Angie Wilcox