Breakdown of allowances

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PROPOSALS for the new system of allowances at Hartlepool Borough Council are set to save around £120,000 a year.

As a result of the changes from a mayoral to a committee system, the number of special responsibility allowances (SRA) is being reduced from 19 to 12.

It will see several allowances scrapped including the elected mayor (£58,135), the majority group leader (£5,767), the secondary group leader (£3,461), one neighbourhood forum chair position (£3,461) and the chairs of the various scrutiny committees (£19,611 in total) will also be axed.

Instead, under the new committee system there will be 12 SRAs, which are paid on top of the basic allowance that all members receive.

If approved by full council, from May the SRA will be:

l Chair of finance and policy committee/leader of the council: £18,051;

l Chair of council: £6,017;

l Chairs of policy committees (children, adult, regeneration and neighbourhood services): £6,017;

l Chair of planning committee: £6,017;

l Chairs of neighbourhood forum (two posts): £3,610;

l Chair of licensing committee: £3,610;

l Chair of audit and governance committee: £4,212;

l Principal minority group (leader of second largest group in the council chamber): £1,805.

Those figures are based on the IRP’s recommendation that the basic allowance is increased to £6,017.

Which councillors will fill the positions is yet to be decided by full council.

Members pay tax and national insurance contributions on basic and SRA and councillors will still only be able to receive one SRA.

It is also being recommended that the allowances should be reviewed in a year to ensure they “remain appropriate”.

The recommendations will go before the full council on Thursday at the Civic Centre, in Victoria Road, at 7pm.