'Affordable homes' planned as part of thousands of new Wynyard houses

Future housing developments in Wynyard is to include affordable homes as well as executive-style properties, according to Hartlepool council bosses.

By Nic Marko
Sunday, 10th April 2022, 8:32 pm

Wynyard was designated as a Garden Village by the Government in January 2020, giving it access to funding to fast-track developments including a new community of up to 6,800 new homes.

Earlier this year a visioning document was drawn up on how the key principles of the Garden Village programme are integrated into future developments.

The vision currently includes plans for a new local centre, a top local pub and restaurant and investment in infrastructure, schools and open spaces.

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An image of how future housing in Wynyard could look.

Officers at the latest Hartlepool Borough Council planning committee faced questions on features of upcoming developments following an ongoing consultation period.

Cllr Jennifer Elliott questioned if the area will provide affordable homes.

Tony Hanson, council director of neighbourhood and regulatory services, noted applications have already started to come forward, to both Hartlepool and Stockton councils, for affordable Wynyard homes.

He said: “It’s crucial for the development to be sustainable, it’s got to have the balance of the executive style, to the normal, to then the affordable homes as well.

“It’s got to have that mix, it is something that we’re very much pushing to ensure that happens.”

Mr Hanson continued: “We know there’s a primary school due to be put on site within the next two or three years, so that will start to see the education facilities improved.

“We need the houses to come to get the shops, and that’s what’s happening now.”