Wynyard Masterplan will create community 'bigger than Sedgefield and Saltburn' with 900 new homes expected in Hartlepool

The masterplan for the development of Wynyard will see the site be ‘somewhere between the size of Saltburn and Yarm’ by completion.

Monday, 25th November 2019, 4:45 pm
Updated Tuesday, 26th November 2019, 11:43 am

The ‘Wynyard Masterplan’ was previously endorsed by Hartlepool Borough Council Regeneration Services Committee, and a presentation was given to councillors on the planning committee on the plans for the site.

The masterplan, jointly produced with Stockton Borough Council due to the position of the site, covers issues such as phasing, access and infrastructure, housing, community facilities, landscaping and open space and design.

As part of the 2018 Hartlepool Local Plan, Wynyard is allocated to deliver approximately 732 homes in the borough, with more homes on the Stockton side of the development.

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Picture c/o Google Streetview

However council planning officers said the development could lead to around 900 new homes in Hartlepool if other land is used which does not currently have a use allocated to it.

The total combined size of the site, stretching across both boroughs, is expected to be bigger than the likes of Sedgefield.

Matthew King, council planning policy team leader, said: “It’s somewhere in between Saltburn and Yarm sort of scale when it’s all developed, just to give a feel for size.

“It’s bigger than Sedgefield, it’s bigger than Stokesley, it’s going to be a big settlement which obviously requires the facilities and infrastructure which the masterplan looks to deliver.

“We’re importantly also looking at design, trying to create a high quality community at Wynyard.

“There’ll be a lot of applications coming forward over the coming months and years at Wynyard given the scale of the growth that’s allocated within the local plan.”

The blueprint has also lined up improvements on the A689, including its roundabouts, bridges and green infrastructure.

Some work included in the development is also awaiting improvements to the A19 before it can commence.

Although a new primary school was opened last year on the Stockton side of the site, another new primary school is expected to be needed on the Wynyard Park site as the development fills out.