Eight areas of Hartlepool to get new CCTV cameras: Find out where they are

Eight areas of Hartlepool are set to get new CCTV cameras as part of a new spending drive.

Wednesday, 17th July 2019, 4:45 pm
Updated Wednesday, 17th July 2019, 6:07 pm
Summerhill Visitor Centre

Plans are being laid out for CCTV at key sites in Hartlepool, along with increased street cleaning and improved playgrounds.

It comes as part of a report to go before Hartlepool Borough Council Finance and Policy Committee looking at the updated neighbourhood investment programme for the town.

It was previously agreed in December last year funding allocated for barrier works would be realigned to a project to install CCTV in Seaton Park, Rossmere Park, Burn Valley Gardens and Ward Jackson Park.

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Further investigation has taken place in order to develop the scheme and as a result the works are set to be extended to include CCTV in Church Square, Church Street, Summerhill and the Waterfront, which council bosses say can be funded from the existing budget for the project.

Further new projects have also come forward as part of the latest plan, including plans to refurbish Seaton Carew Tennis Courts, with funding from Sport England and Seaton Development Trust delivering the £175,200 for the project.

An assessment of street cleaning equipment has also led to an additional machine being earmarked to provide a deeper clean in areas such as King Oswy, Church Street and Seaton Carew.

In addition to providing new schemes, council bosses are looking to revise or put on hold several other neighbourhood schemes and allocate funds elsewhere.

As part of this, council chiefs are proposing works roundabouts are put on hold with the £200,000 reallocated to enhance three playgrounds.

Work has started on this with proposals developed for Marine Crescent Play Area, which was looked at as part of a package of proposals for the Headland Area in March 2018.

It is anticipated two other play areas will be selected based on the outcomes of the developing play strategy.

It is also proposed that the statues in Church Square, Church Street and the sculpture on Marina Way roundabout will be cleaned using funding from this allocation, which is anticipated to cost £30,000.

Several updates have provided savings for the council, and the enhancement of public realm at King Oswy shops is now complete with costs being £145,000 lower than anticipated.

Meanwhile the council has also seen a net increase in the contribution from Thirteen Group of £35,000, which results from a £25,000 saving expected from the budget for off street parking at Balmoral Road and £60,000 budget for Belly Bins.

A report from Denise McGuckin, director of regeneration and neighbourhoods, states the new plans will provide a boost to the area.

It said: “The capital investment programme will renew and improve the authority’s assets and should therefore have a positive effect on maintenance budgets.”

The updated neighbourhood investment programme is to go before the finance and policy committee on Monday with the updates recommended to be rubber-stamped.