ELECTIONS 2014: Candidates in the Fens and Rossmere ward of Hartlepool

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Alan Clark (Labour)

“I am a passionate advocate for our town and will stand up for the people that I represent.

“I am also very forward thinking and know that given the chance I can make a real difference.

“I am very passionate about young people and have a good track record as a youth worker. I believe my training and knowledge will be very useful.

“The Fens & Rossmere Ward has one of the highest anti-social behaviour levels amongst our young people in Hartlepool. This cannot go on and I believe I have the drive and enthusiasm to change this.

“It’s time for the Fens & Rossmere Ward to have a new councillor that puts our children and young families first whilst ensuring older residents can enjoy the peace and quiet they have worked hard for.

“I’m willing to work with residents to ensure anti social behaviour is removed from our estates.”

Alison Lilley (Putting Hartlepool First)

“As your councillor I am standing for re-election, and have been honoured to represent you.

“I live in Fens and Rossmere ward and my fellow ward councillors and I hold regular ward surgeries at our local shops, all year round.

“We have allotted ward budget funding to almost all groups, plus, three primary schools in our ward.

“If you have had cause to contact me you will know that I stand on my record of being accessible and accountable directly to you.

“My primary focus is interacting with residents in our ward.

“I am a governor of Manor College, on the Forest School Steering group at Rossmere School and a founder member of Fens Residents Association and regularly attend the Ardrossan Centre.

“I care passionately about the needs and concerns of the residents of our ward.

“I hope you use your valuable vote to give me your support again.”

Dennis Loynes (Conservative)

“Hello my name is Dennis Loynes.

“I was born and have lived in Hartlepool all my life also I work in Hartlepool.

“As I live in town I know the issues that concern us all, for example crime, anti-social behaviour, speeding traffic, roads and pavements.

“A vote for me would mean my full commitment to not only Fens & Rossmere ward but Hartlepool as a whole addressing both existing issues and future problems.

“Local Conservatives in Hartlepool have voted against Council Tax increases for the last four years and if elected I would also vote against any increase until Hartlepool is no longer one of the most expensive authorities in the country.”

Dave Pascoe (UKIP)

“Yet another year has elapsed and has emphasised yet further you cannot trust the political establishment at HBC to act in your interests.

“The most glaring example lies in the fact they have allowed the salami slicing of our hospital services to the point where several ‘life threatening’ situations have been encountered.

“There are no words of mitigation that can excuse this.

“Apologists for the present situation keep telling us the One Life Centre is an adequate replacement for the loss of our A&E services – recalling the numerous reported “horror stories” of misdiagnosis at OLC. Voters know themselves this is complete, and dangerous, nonsense.

“I could fill the paper with other instances of profligacy and plain stupidity but all I would be doing is telling you what you already know.

“There must be radical changes. Please entrust me with your vote on May 22nd. Let’s start to make a difference.”

Pat Rayner (Lib Dem)

“I am married with three grown-up children and three grandchildren. Many residents will remember me from my work with Endeavour Home Improvement Agency in Sydenham Road, where I worked for more than 18 years.

“I proved myself to be a caring and fairminded person who always put the vulnerable first, helping many residents, through my work, to stay in their own homes by assisting them obtain repairs, adaptions and grants for renewing boilers, windows etc.

“It is important for residents to have a feeling of wellbeing within their community and not to feel unsafe, I will therefore work closely with the police and all agencies to ensure that any problems within the ward are satisfactorily resolved swiftly.

“Also, in these hard times, when budgets are being whittled away, I promise to strive to keep services going and do all I can to protect the ward from cutbacks.”