Government resignations are ‘rats jumping from a sinking ship’ says Hartlepool MP

Hartlepool MP Mike Hill
Hartlepool MP Mike Hill

The resignations of Brexit Secretary David Davis and Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson are like “rats jumping from a sinking ship” according to Hartlepool’s MP.

Mike Hill made the comments following the resignations from Theresa May’s cabinet.

Former foreign secretary Boris Johnson. Pic by PA.

Former foreign secretary Boris Johnson. Pic by PA.

Jeremy Hunt will take over from Mr Johnson as foreign secretary while housing minister Dominic Raab, a staunch Brexiteer, has been appointed as the new Brexit Secretary.

In a scathing resignation letter, Mr Johnson - who led the official Leave campaign in the EU referendum - said the dream of the Brexiteers was “dying, suffocated by needless self-doubt” and that Mrs May’s plan would reduce the UK to the “status of a colony”.

As Mrs May outlined her proposals in the House of Commons on Monday, she was greeted by loud cheers from Tory MPs and shouts of “resign” from the opposition benches as she arrived to deliver a statement in which she said her plans would deliver “a Brexit that is in our national interest... the right Brexit deal for Britain”.

Speaking about the news, Labour MP Mr Hill said neither Mr Davis or Mr Johnson “would be missed”, saying that they undermined the Government in pursuit of a “hard Brexit”.

Former Brexit Secretary David Davis MP. Pic by PA.

Former Brexit Secretary David Davis MP. Pic by PA.

“We are now two years down the line from the referendum and only recently did the Cabinet unite behind a policy, only to disintegrate two days later,” he said.

“Collective responsibility has taken a back seat while the Government fights itself as the nation watches.

“I welcome the resignations of Boris Johnson MP and David Davis MP from the Cabinet.

“Both former ministers constantly undermined the Government and the ability of the United Kingdom to trade after Brexit by pursuing a hard Brexit that would hammer industry in the North East.

“The Chequers deal took two days to reach and then two days to unravel.

“The Prime Minister assures us that collective responsibility has been restored.

“I do not think the public will believe that.

“It appears more like the rats are jumping from a sinking ship.

“They will not be missed.”

Mr Hill added: “David Davis’ replacement, Dominic Raab, needs to look beyond the positions of his predecessor and prove himself to be flexible in negotiations to ensure the economic safety of the UK as we leave the EU.

“I hope that Theresa May thinks carefully about the replacement for Boris Johnson and that this time, she selects somebody who will not embarrass and disgrace the United Kingdom on the international stage.

If the Government cannot govern, it is time for them to step aside for a Government that can.”