Hartlepool council elections: Who’ll get your vote in the Headland and Harbour ward?

Candidates for the Headland and Harbour ward. Jim Ainslie, left, and Shane Moore. Not pictured: Christopher Broadbent.
Candidates for the Headland and Harbour ward. Jim Ainslie, left, and Shane Moore. Not pictured: Christopher Broadbent.

This is the latest of a series of features giving Hartlepool Borough Council election candidates an opportunity to tell voters why they would be the best person to represent the area.

Today we feature the Headland and Harbour Ward and will detail all wards ahead of the election on Thursday, May 5.

Jim Ainslie (Labour)

The past 4 years, whilst I’ve been serving as a councillor of Headland & Harbour Ward, has not been an easy time for local authorities.

There are still difficult challenges ahead and, if re-elected, I would welcome the opportunity to continue to stand up for the residents of our communities.

I will continue to be available and will work hard for those who have problems or concerns and need help or advice.

Our ward is large and has several unique areas, where I have enjoyed the opportunity to be involved with the 
many groups and individuals who work hard to make Hartlepool a better 

I’m proud to represent a ward with such community spirit.

The council often has to deal with difficult and unpopular issues.

Please be assured I will continue to make sure I understand these issues and the true implications of all the decision-making that is carried out.

Christopher Broadbent (Local Conservatives)

I’ve lived in Hartlepool for several years, it was a fine town. In my opinion, this Labour council has allowed our town to fall into dereliction, and it saddens me.

If it’s your view I shall fight for the following on your behalf if I’m elected:

Urgent repairs to potholes on our roads, and repairs to pavements and wheelchair ramps.

Improvements to our shopping centre, the mobility shop to be open six days instead of three, and get council funding for it.

Freeze council tax, it was local Conservatives who voted to freeze it, Labour have increased it with over a million pounds of cuts to come.

Help for elderly, disabled, and those that are in sheltered accommodation.

Better policing for our streets.

Improved social services.

Housing for local ex-servicemen, and help in finding jobs.

Strict controls for bad landlords.

Improve sea defences on the Headland.

Improve local bus services.

Fight to restore our hospital services.

Labour have three councillors on our ward, it’s unfair representation, and residents should have a choice. Say no to anymore cuts in services. We’ve had enough! Your fight, my fight.

Vote: Chris Broadbent

Local Conservative

We refuse to accept expenses.

We cost you less.

Shane Moore (UKIP)

As a local lad raised on the Headland I have already had the pleasure of growing 
up with and meeting many of you over the years; and since becoming involved in local politics I’ve happily listened to and dealt with many of your concerns and always tried to provide you with a strong voice among the silent Labour councillors this town is saddled with.

I firmly believe the people of this ward have been poorly represented and you deserve better.

You deserve a councillor that will work for you.

I want Hartlepool to be an 
attractive place to invest, raise families and provide high quality services 
for everyone.

Our A&E must return, North Tees Hospital is too far 
away for elderly and working families – Hartlepool deserves its own A&E Department.

Vote UKIP on May 5th.