Hartlepool Council’s finance chief to also serve Cleveland Fire Authority

Hartlepool Civic Centre
Hartlepool Civic Centre

HARTLEPOOL Borough Council’s chief finance officer is to start providing financial services to Cleveland Fire Authority in a move which will save £24,000.

Chris Little will become Cleveland Fire Authority’s Section 151 officer when the current part-time post holder retires after it was agreed by the finance and policy committee. The council already provides the full range of financial service and officials say the arrangement helps both organisations.

Mr Little will spend one day a week doing CFA work, in a move which will save the council around £24,000 by re-charging the Authority towards the salary cost. There will be no change to Mr Little’s salary.

Labour councillor Robbie Payne, chairman of the Fire Authority, said: “As a Fire Authority we are delighted Chris Little is going to be the Section 151 officer. He has great expertise and knowledge and I’m sure he will do a wonderful job for both authorities.”