Hartlepool council's next ICT contract aims to allow more staff 'to work in a mobile way'

Council chiefs have stressed the importance of supporting staff working remotely when the authority’s next ICT contract is finalised.

Tuesday, 13th July 2021, 11:52 am

Hartlepool Borough Council’s existing ICT contract is to terminate in October 2023 and officers are already working on the necessary requirements of the next deal.

Claire McLaren, the council’s assistant director for corporate services, told the council’s latest finance and policy committee meeting: “When we move into this new contract specification we do need to think about what technology we invest in to allow our staff to be able to work in a mobile way as most modern organisations are now.”

Cllr Shane Moore, council leader, said it has become apparent during the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic that the current ICT systems were “not quite appropriate” for sending everyone home to work.

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Hartlepool Borough Council's next ICT contract aims to support staff working remotely.
Hartlepool Borough Council's next ICT contract aims to support staff working remotely.

He said: “Originally when the contract was designed we never envisaged something like this going on.

“Similarly the contract was designed in a way that we were trying to save money at the start of austerity and so we quite literally went for quite a basic IT package.”

Cllr Amy Prince said the council should be looking “as forward as possible” when it comes to the new contract.

Cllr Mike Young, the deputy council leader, added that technology should be included to allow the live streaming of council meetings, with residents having contacted him to express disappointment this is not available any longer.

Council officers are expected to present further details of the next contract to councillors later this year.