Here's how you would vote if the UK held a general election today

We asked if your vote would be the same in a general election held today.
We asked if your vote would be the same in a general election held today.

It's one year today since we headed to the polls for the general election - so we wanted to know if the last 12 months have changed your vote.

More than 800 of you took part in an online poll asking which party would get your vote if a further general election was held across the UK today. Despite Prime Minister Theresa May's narrow and bittersweet victory in 2017, her Conservative Party would still be the top choice for many of you with the Tories taking the majority (43%) of your votes online. You can see the poll in full below.

Jeremy Corbyn's Labour took 37% of the vote, with Ukip (12%), the Lib Dems (4%) and the Green Party (4%) lagging behind.

The Prime Minister announced last year's snap election with the hope that its result would strengthen her party's hold, and allay any fears the public had about the handling of Brexit negotiations.

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But the result left her party relying on the Democratic Unionist Party (DUP) of Northern Ireland to form a minority government and maintain control.

Prime Minister Theresa May.

Prime Minister Theresa May.

Here's what you had to say on social media on the state of our country's political landscape:

Heather Addison: "How can people vote for traitors the Labour Party and the Conservatives should be [taken] to court we had a democratic vote for Brexit and these in power can not accept the decision. That's why it is [taking] this long, democracy is democracy and if they don't want it get rid of that House of Lords and that House of Commons and put the money into the NHS."

Sandra Davies: "Wouldn't vote Labour while this man is in charge."

Ray Knight: "How could an election be held when Brexit is up in the air. Just a good job Labour were not in power as we wouldn't [have] even got a vote on Brexit."

Christopher Welsh: "Will never ever vote Tory, Labour currently makes me nervous as a cat in a room full of rocking chairs, the rest are irrelevant, can I have an well-led, electable, centrist party please, please don’t anyone dare say Liberals!"

Chris Mckay: "Keep them in power until they've sorted their Brexit out."

Joan Beckwith: "I think nobody would vote, there is nobody to vote for."

Paul Moore: "They are all useless, why can't we just sack the lot of them and find someone who will actually sort this country out properly."

Dean Swan: "None of them are capable or worthy to lead this country. It's a sad day when some of the finest educational institutions in the world cannot produce leaders."

Jamie Green: "Don't want to vote Tory, can't vote Labour as it's in such a mess, same with Ukip. Can't vote Lib Dems as they don't believe in democracy, probably the same with the greens. There's literally nobody worth voting for."

Kevin Leary: "Leave, leave, leave. What part of this [do] our idiots in Westminster fail to understand ?"

Mavis Douglass: "There’s not a party to vote for!"

James Barker: "We technically have only a choice of Labour or Tory, that's like choosing death by austerity or death by taxes. The UK political system needs serious reform to bring it into the 21st century and give other, smaller parties a chance to build a majority. Having to pick between the lesser of the two evils is why people don't want to vote."