Meet the candidates for Seaton ward standing in the Hartlepool Borough Council elections 2019

This year’s local elections are just around the corner, and we’re turning the spotlight on Hartlepool's candidates in the run-up to polling day on May 2.

Monday, 29th April 2019, 3:41 pm
Updated Monday, 29th April 2019, 3:45 pm
From left, Julie Clayton, Graham Harrison and Leisa Smith. No image supplied for Veronica Nicholson.
From left, Julie Clayton, Graham Harrison and Leisa Smith. No image supplied for Veronica Nicholson.

Each one will be given the opportunity to tell readers why they’re standing and why people should vote for them. Here are the candidates for the Seaton ward:


I have lived in Hartlepool all my life and settled in Seaton Carew around 8 years ago.

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Here in Seaton ward I think we’re extremely fortunate to have the sea on our doorstep, gorgeous views and that bracing sea air.

Of course the one “elephant in the room” is the former Coasters building. Despite pleas, letters and court action the owners seem very reluctant to do something about this building.

It is truly a blot on our lovely area and I will push as hard as possible to have something done to rid us of this eyesore.

If fortunate enough to be elected in May I intend to work hard to make sure all councillors are held to account in a totally transparent and honest way, and represent the people of Seaton ward to the best of my ability.

I pledge to work hard to improve our town for the residents and make it once again a safe place for individuals, families, elderly and children.

We will strive to look at other ways of balancing the books rather than just relying on putting council tax bills up each year. I promise to bring about the change that is needed.


My name is Graham Harrison and I am the U.K.I.P. candidate for the Seaton Ward.

I am a lifelong resident of Hartlepool and I live in the Seaton Lane area of the town.

There are a number of issues affecting the well being of the residents of the Seaton Ward which I would like to resolve and if elected I will make the following issues my main priority:

Council Tax is too high and I would look for ways to have it frozen for at least 3 years.

I will listen to the concerns of the Seaton Ward residents regarding the unpopular wind farm developments.

I will fight for the Jutland Road Community Centre to be re-opened. This is a much needed facility.

I will try to get the Longscar Hall problem resolved to the satisfaction of the Seaton residents.

I will work to reduce the amount of anti-social behaviour which takes place around the ward.

Fly tipping and dog dirt are a nuisance and I will try to get extra resources to solve this ongoing problem.

If you have any issues you would like to discuss with me I can be contacted on 07886596309.

Your vote is valuable and I appreciate your support.


I have been a very big part of previous Conservative campaigns and am currently the Campaign Manager for the party.

I have been really active in delivering leaflets for local and general elections over the past 8 years and want to continue to serve both the party and the residents of Seaton Carew.

Seaton Ward has been under the stewardship of Independent – formerly PHF Councillors for a very long time now and I would say that the majority of these have not served you well.

I would hope that people would recognise through the lack of actual involvement certain outspoken Councillors have in the council – presenting residents with very low value for money overall.

I am a hardworking person and will listen to residents, offering support and bringing results alongside my colleagues in public office and within our party.

I want to help with the continued support of vulnerable adults and the elderly in particular as my working life was focused on the care of such individuals. I am a people person and would be really pleased to receive your vote on May 2. No image supplied.


Living in Seaton, our community is important to me and my family.

I have been honoured by the support I have received in the past year while serving as your councillor and I would like to continue to help Seaton residents and fight for what we believe in as you deserve nothing less.

Your issues are my issues. Whether it is the Wind Turbines, Longscar Hall or parking, they all affect me and my family, as they do you and yours.

I would like to finish what I have started, helping local residents and making sure opinions are heard.

Your opinions will continue to be at the forefront of my decision making, as I push for regeneration funds to be spent on Seaton, not councillor’s pet projects.

I want Seaton to be a safe, pleasant and vibrant place in which to live, work and bring up children, not as an income stream for a greedy council and a place where the residents can be ignored.

I will continue to work alongside your other independent councillors and be a voice for all of you living in the Seaton Ward, for as long as you need me to.