Number of Hartlepool Council staff earning over £100k is halved according to campaign group

Hartlepool Civic Centre.
Hartlepool Civic Centre.

The number of staff at Hartlepool Borough Council earning £100,000 a year has halved, new figures show.

Research from the Taxpayers’ Alliance (TPA) found that there were just three people earning combined earnings, which includes pension contributions, over that mark in 2015/16, compared to six in 2014/15.

The figures came out today in the TPA’s Town Hall Rich List, however borough council bosses say that only three people earned over the £100,000 mark in each of the past two financial years.

John O’Connell, chief executive of the TPA, said: “The average council tax bill has gone up by more than £900 over the last 20 years and spending has gone through the roof.

“Disappointingly, many local authorities are now responding to financial reality through further tax rises and reducing services rather than scaling back top pay.

“Despite many in the public sector facing a much-needed pay freeze to help bring the public finances under control, many town hall bosses are continuing to pocket huge remuneration packages, with the number of people on six-figure deals actually going up since last year.”

A Hartlepool Borough Council spokesman said in response to the research: “We are unsure how the Taxpayers’ Alliance figures for 2014/15 have been compiled.

“Our independently audited Statement of Accounts shows that just three senior officers earned more than £100,000 in the last two financial years (14/15) and (15/16).”