Poll: How would you vote if a general election was held in the UK today?

How did you vote in last year's general election?
How did you vote in last year's general election?

It's been one year since UK voters went to the polls in the last general election.

Prime Minister Theresa May announced the snap election in April 2017 - and just under two months later (June 8), her party lost its majority and was forced to form a minority government through an arrangement with Northern Ireland's DUP. Tomorrow marks exactly one year since we cast our votes. Would you vote in the same way if the election was held again? Take part in our poll below and let us know what you think.

The Conservatives made a net loss of 13 seats, while Labour's net gain was 30 seats. UKIP lost their only seat, and the Liberal Democrats gained four seats.

Theresa May had intended for the general election to strengthen the country's faith in her party, and their role in the ongoing Brexit negotiations.

How has our political landscape changed over the last 12 months?