Reader poll finds majority of Mail readers would vote to stay in EU

The European Union flag and national flags in front of the European Parliament in Strasbourg.
The European Union flag and national flags in front of the European Parliament in Strasbourg.

A poll of Mail readers found the majority would vote in favour of staying in the European Union if another referendum was held today, in stark contrast to similar a poll held in the run-up to the vote.

Hartlepool voted overwhelmingly to exit the EU in June, with 32,071 ballots in favour of Brexit, compared with 14,029 in favour of staying.

Coun John Tennant

Coun John Tennant

The turnout was 65.5%.

Now however, a two-day poll on the Mail website has found that 61% of readers would vote to remain, with the other 39% saying they would want to leave.

Almost 3,000 people took part in the latest poll.

In the run-up to referendum day, more than 5,200 people took part in a Mail poll, with 3,828 readers, or 73%, saying they favoured a leave vote.

MPs this week voted to trigger Article 50 before April next year, starting the two-year timetable for Britain to leave.

And the Exiting the European Union Select Committee, chaired by Hilary Benn MP, this week visited Sunderland’s Civic Centre to hear from civic and business leaders about what they want to see from Brexit.

The committee is currently touring the country before reporting back its findings to the Government.

Asked for his reaction to the poll, Hartlepool UKIP councillor John Tennant said: “I don’t think polls are very scientific or a good way of quantifying how people feel exactly.

“The referendum was the largest exercise in democracy that this country has ever seen, with 17.4 million people voting out.

“I think “Remoaners” are now just trying to fudge the issue and force another vote which will not happen.

“Hopefully Britain will leave the EU as soon as possible.”

Readers took to the Mail’s Facebook page to continue the debate on the much talked about issue.

Chris Smith wrote: “Voted remain in June would vote remain now.”

Scott Wardle said: “Highest ever turn out. No second vote. Simple as that.

“Traitors tried to betray us, they will be ousted at the next GE.

Mike Lewis wrote: “Voted remain and would still vote remain.”

Bradley Sharp wrote: “I voted out.

“If it was held again, I wouldn’t vote. What’s the point. Seems like democracy is dead.”

Pauline Dixon wrote: “Leave all the way!”

Chris Kenny said: “I could do a referendum every day of the year and it would be 365 leave votes.”

Antony Baker wrote: “100% out just as I voted.”

Mike Lewis said: “I think if a lot of people knew then what they knew now, I have a feeling remain would have won, a lot of people were lied to, and it’s starting to show.”