'The Tories still think it is 1819' - what you said as outcry continues over Universal Credit in Hartlepool

Struggling families are being put through 'degrading' ordeals due the controversial Universal Credit system, Mail readers have said as they call for it to be scrapped.

Thursday, 30th May 2019, 9:36 am

The controversial benefit has never been far from the headlines since it was first rolled out, and Mail readers have vented fresh anger over the figures revealed in our investigation into the impact of the controversial system.

Sarah Withers said on our Facebook page: "Food banks should not need to exist in this day and age. No one should be struggling that badly.

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"It's so sad to think there's millions of children lying in bed now starving cos they've had no tea or supper. Too many people being made redundant, struggling to find jobs, too many disabled people not qualifying for pip or other benefits, not enough mental health support, too many absent parents getting away with not helping to financially support their children.

"The list goes on. Its so sad."

Julie Vaughan said: "Nobody's house hold should have to use food banks, it's degrading people and they shouldn't be allowed to stop people's benefits.

"The cuts affect small children at end of day things are hard enough on benefits they should try living on it."

James Barker said: "Universal Credit needs to be abolished completely, its a flawed system that has cost more then what it was quoted to save the takpayer, it's ruined the lives of many decent people and if it was any other country other than the UK, our politicians would be harping on about Human Rights abuses.

"You wouldn't think we live in 2019, the Tories still think its 1819."

Kevin Guffick said: "Nothing will happen. We won't get anything. We will just keep struggling on and on."

However, some did not find fault with the system.

Lea Benothman said: "Don't understand why Universal Credit gets the blame for people struggling I managed.

"You get what the law says you entitled to live on for the month, all people have to do is pay rent and bills, and what's left share it by 30 and that's your daily spend, do away with luxuries until you finally get a job to afford them."