Who will get your vote in the Fens and Rossmere award?

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Here are the candidates after your vote in the Fens and Rossmere ward

Bob Buchan – (UKIP)

Standing in Hartlepool Borough Council Election 2016  'Fens and Rossmere: Bob BUCHAN  UKIP

Standing in Hartlepool Borough Council Election 2016 'Fens and Rossmere: Bob BUCHAN UKIP

I have lived in Hartlepool all my life and after nearly 20 years at Tioxide, I took early retirement.

This gives me time to be your Councillor for Fens and Rossmere, I will devote myself to being your local Councillor, listening to residents on all issues and giving you strong representation.

As a former Labour man, I feel that I cannot trust Labour any more on the major issues that affect our town, we’ve lost our A&E, housing is inadequate, and the next generation is close to being a lost one.

I want to help reverse this negative trend and make Hartlepool a positive, successful town we can all be proud of!

Ann Marshall

Ann Marshall

Ann Marshall (Labour)

As a previous Councillor for the former Rossmere Ward with 8 years experience, I believe that I am well placed to represent the people of the area.

I will not make promises which I cannot keep but I do assure residents that I will listen to their concerns and make every effort to speak up and fight on their behalf for the best outcomes for the

Ward and the town.

Tom Casey

Tom Casey

Major Concerns:

• Further threats to council services following the unjust impact of Government cuts on Hartlepool;

• Dog fouling;

• Neighbourhood issues ie footpaths/grass verges;

• Anti social behaviour;

Vote for Ann Marshall the candidate who has the experience to address major issues from day one.

Thank you in anticipation of your support.

Tom Casey (Green)

This is my second chance to stand for the Green Party in Fens & Rossmere.

Labour has too strong a hold in Hartlepool and I think they have become complacent.

A healthy democracy needs a strong and challenging opposition to keep it on its toes injecting some much needed creativity.

Hartlepool Green Party is standing an active group of individuals that can provide tougher scrutiny of the council.

A healthy democracy needs the checks and balances of strong opposition.

The main reason for standing in this election is to help fight the politics of austerity.

Give me the chance to represent the ordinary people who are suffering the current economic climate, and to give consideration to those least able to defend themselves.

I am currently volunteering as a member of the Thirteen Group Scrutiny panel representing 32,000 tenants with projects providing recommendations for improvements to the social housing landlord boards.

I have been very active in the last year with the Green Party.

Please check my Facebook page which provides picture and video evidence of my activities such as, demonstrating for the nationalisation of our rail service, picketing Sports Direct, fighting sanctions, and marching to defend the NHS.

Dennis Loynes - Local Conservatives (no picture supplied)

Hello, my name is Dennis Loynes and I am standing as your Local Conservative Candidate in the May local elections.

I have lived in Hartlepool for all of my life and want to make a difference to our local area.

I have stood in the Ward previously and I believe that only the Conservatives can offer the best value for money and properly financed local services that benefit the Ward and town as a whole.

It is my intention to find new ways of achieving this by working very closely with my Conservative colleagues on the Council.

I want to make sure that the people of Fens and Rossmere are represented properly and that their views are taken into consideration when decisions are made that affect their day to day lives.

I also want to make sure that the Ward and Hartlepool in general is not burdened with continuous and unnecessary Labour Council Tax rises that affect hard working families, when additional savings could be made elsewhere.

But I can only do this with your help, so please make sure to vote for me on May 5.