Who will get your vote in the Victoria ward?

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This is the last of a series of features giving Hartlepool Borough Council election candidates an opportunity to tell voters why they would be the best person to represent the area.

Today we feature the Seaton Ward and will detail all wards ahead of the election on Thursday.

Chris Eddie (Green Party)

This nation is a sovereign nation which creates its own money supply.

This is important, because we’re being sold a lie in austerity; a lie which is destroying our infrastructure, and causing unnecessary suffering to all but the very rich.

If you earned less than about £250,000 in 2010, you’ll be worse off under this system of austerity.

If you earned more than that amount, you will have been earning an average of about £550,000 by 2015. We’re not all in this together, and austerity is a lie which is being fed to us by rich media owners, and rich politicians, whilst our nation suffers so they may grow richer.

Everyone’s suffering, the poor the most, but even those previously comfortable are losing services.

This benefits people who are so rich they don’t even spend the extra money they get; they store it abroad to avoid paying tax.

The Green Party still remains the only major party which looks at the evidence of how money is created and distributed, and realises we need an economy which works for the 99.9% of the population which are suffering, not the super-rich 0.01% who happen to be friends with, or in, government.

Steve Gooderham (UKIP)

As with many of you, I have been angered and saddened by the gradual decline of this Labour-controlled council; resulting in a poorer quality of life, and the loss of many services, including hospital services.

All when Labour had £62million in reserves and claiming they had no money. 

I’m also against the combined authority, as this will impose another layer of costly bureaucracy that will make it even harder to have our voices heard.

I also believe this will cost many council jobs.

Having a proven track record of managing and turning round multi-million- pound businesses, I can use these experiences to stop the rot and bring financial and community responsibility back to Hartlepool.

I hope that you will vote for me on May 5th so that we can once again make Hartlepool a great place to live.

Lesley Hamilton (Labour)

I have been a Labour movement activist and a member of UNISON since starting work in the social care sector in 1991.

I live in Duke Street and I’m very aware of the issues faced by ward residents, nevertheless, I love where I live and take great pride in the area in which I have raised my children.

We currently have a government that is determined to destroy the basic fabric of our society and this is having a real and detrimental effect on the most vulnerable who depend heavily upon our public services.

The Labour Party has a new leader who recognises the value of all people in society.

I, along with fellow Labour representatives, will work closely with local resident associations so that we can make those in authority accountable to the people of this ward.

Claire Wells (Local Conservatives)

Hello, my name is Claire Wells, and I am representing the Victoria Ward as your Local Conservative candidate in the May local elections.

I have been concerned for many years that the Victoria Ward, and Hartlepool in general has not been getting its fair share of local investment or adequate public services to help local residents in their day to day lives.

These problems have largely been ignored by Labour and we now appear to be controlled by a narrow group of out- of- touch local politicians.

If the ward and Hartlepool is to get the investment required then we need change for the better, change we can believe in, and the only realistic way you can do this is by voting Local Conservatives on May 5th.

Let me help you get the positive changes you deserve in Victoria.