Will Brexit still happen? You have your say whether the withdrawal from the EU will go ahead

Hartlepool’s voters still believe Brexit will become a reality – but our poll showed it was a close call on the outcome of the process.

Monday, 21st October 2019, 6:00 am
Updated Monday, 21st October 2019, 7:05 am
We asked if Hartlepool voters believed Brexit would still happen in the aftermath of the Super Saturday session in parliament.

We asked whether people across Hartlepool believe the UK will withdraw from the European Union, with 56% of people sure it will go ahead.

It follows “Super Saturday” which saw parliament sit at a weekend for the first time in more than 30 years and led to MPs backing a motion to delay the meaningful vote on Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s Brexit deal.

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Among those to have their say in our poll was Andy Precious Hill, who said: “It needs to happen, there are a lot of angry people out here.

“So-called MPs need to remember that they are there as servants to the people, not just in it for themselves.”

Gerry Raffell said: “I have said from the start it will never happen.

“All the money Mrs May wasted on her trips to Brussels to no avail.”

Janny Mincher said: “It had better, we voted out so we’d better be out.”

Jim Gillespie said: “Brexit has to happen or democracy is dead in the UK and our standing in the world will drop even lower than it is now.”

The possibility of a People’s Vote was also raised during the debate.

Marky Hewitt said: “More importantly will we get a vote on the deal?

“The 46.5 million can then decide if the 17 million leave voters were well-informed voters represent them or not.”

But Tony Milligan said: “May I say to those who seek a second vote that to do so would not only destroy the principals of democracy, it would set a dangerous precedent.”

Jamie Allison said: “I hope to vote for Labour’s sensible deal in a second referendum.

“They're the only party that has been seeking compromise for our divided nation.

“I voted to remain because I felt we needed to protect our rights from the Tories.

“Labour’s deal will do that, but we need to vote them in first when we know that No Deal is not happening.”