The Pools fan who followed the lads from a really early age

Oliver Winkcup might well have been Hartlepool United's youngest long distance fan in 1995.

Tuesday, 13th December 2016, 10:00 am
Updated Wednesday, 14th December 2016, 12:36 pm
Oliver Winkcup wearing his Pools bib.

The eight-month-old came to Hartlepool from Australia with his parents that Christmas and dad Neil was determined to make sure his son followed in his footsteps as a keen Pools supporter.

Neil’s wife Kylie said at the time: “He wears his Hartlepool jersey in Australia and everyone always asks him about it.

“Neil is a big fan and always follows the team. He gets the results every week in Sydney and he is always waiting for them.”

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She said Oliver already had his own Pools items such as a bib and was getting his first strip for Christmas that year.

Oliver’s parents met when Neil was backpacking in the country and Kylie was a student.

They came to Hartlepool to marry in 1992 but did not return until 1995.

And 1995 was the first year that Oliver’s grandparents got to meet the new addition to the family, and Kylie and Neil got to enjoy a snow-covered Hartlepool.

But did Oliver become an avid Pools fan like his dad? If you can update the story, email [email protected]

It was a chance for Neil to catch up on television favourites such as Taggart, ER, Whose Line Is It Anyway, and Hollyoaks.

Children could watch Jackanory, Playdays, Grange Hill, William’s Wish Wellingtons and The Animals of Farthing Wood.

There were plenty of top movies to enjoy as well, such as The Elf Who Saved Christmas, and A Flintstone Family Christmas.