Pools fans at the top of their league

HARTLEPOOL United fans have been revealed as some of the best behaved in the country after the Home Office released figures centred around football violence.

Pools were one of only two clubs from the 92 in the top four divisions to have seen no arrests for football-related offences last season, the new Government figures show.

The figures show the number of people arrested for football-related disorder fell to a record low nationally last season, though Pools’ League One rivals Dagenham and Redbridge were the only other club not to have a single arrest.

But figures show there were seven banning orders imposed between November 20 last year and November 29 this year, making the club seventh highest in League One.

Those figures came as a result of the court action which followed an incident in Church Street after Pools’ 5-0 defeat by Sheffield Wednesday in August 2010.

Nationally, a total of 3,089 English and Welsh fans were arrested at international and domestic games in 2010-11, down 302 from the previous season, which is the lowest level since records began in 1984-5.

The figures show there were no arrests at 70 per cent of games and 92 per cent of those whose football banning orders have expired since 2000 were assessed by police as no longer posing a risk of football disorder.

The number of football banning orders in place in November also fell, down to 3,173 from 3,248 last year.

These included 105 against Chelsea fans, which is 10 per cent of all the banning orders in the Premier League and the most of any team at that level, 101 against Manchester United fans and 98 against Newcastle United fans and 53 against Sunderland fans.

Manchester United saw the highest level of arrests in the Premier League at 276, with Sunderland second with 126 and Newcastle third with 123.

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