Pools fans get behind Hartlepool United Supporters’ Trust bid

Victoria Park, home of Hartlepool United
Victoria Park, home of Hartlepool United

PLANS to set up a Hartlepool United supporters’ trust are moving ahead following overwhelming support.

More than 100 concerned fans went along to an open meeting in the Corner Flag, at Victoria Park, at the weekend to voice their interest in being part of a trust.

The majority of Sky Bet League Two clubs have similar supporters’ trusts and feelings are strong that Hartlepool should have one as well.

A spokesman for the proposed trust, Phil Dunn, said: “The meeting was really, really good. Far better than we had expected it to be.

“We thought there would be about 20 or 30 people there when we walked into the room, but more than 100 turned up and it was very supportive, the talk in the room was that people were willing to help.

“We were blown away by the level of interest.

“It just goes to show there is increasing concern about Hartlepool United and the way the club has been run in recent years.”

He said the next step will be to set up a Trust Board and Trustees as well as a meeting with a regional representative from the Football Supporters’ Federation.

The move to set up a supporters’ trust follows concerns on and off the pitch following the recent failed takeover of the club by TMH 2014, with IOR remaining in charge.

Mr Dunn said: “These are very worrying times for the club’s fans, both on and off the pitch and without a Supporters’ Trust in place the fans of Hartlepool United FC feel very vulnerable and exposed.”

He said around 75 per cent of League Two Clubs already have supporters’ trusts, so this was something that needed doing in the town.

The proposed takeover collapsed following serious concerns within the club’s hierarchy about TMH’s long-term plans for the club.

Those concerns were serious enough to call it off six weeks after it was first announced.

Speaking earlier this month, Pools chairman Ken Hodcroft said the decision was taken with the interest of the club in mind.

The share purchase agreement (SPA) was signed in mid-December, but TMH had been waiting for Football League approval.

They got that partial approval at the end of January, which is the point the club and IOR called off the sale.