Poop Scoop Week

HARTLEPOOL Borough Council has teamed up with Dogs Trust to promote this year’s National Poop Scoop Week from June 11-17 to raise awareness of the importance of people cleaning up after their pets.

Schools wishing to take part can register their school on the National Poop Scoop Week website and receive a certificate for their class.

The council is also asking schools across Hartlepool to design National Poop Scoop Week posters and display them around the school fences and playing fields to ask dog walkers to pick up their dog’s mess and keep the area clean and safe for children.

They can send a photograph of the school’s poster on display to Dogs Trust and get T-shirts for the whole class.

Schools can also request free poop scoop bags to hand out to parents and dog walkers near the school via the Poop Scoop Week website at www.poopscoopweek.co.uk