Poppy appeal is in full bloom for battling Hartlepool girl

Poppy Wilkinson with mum Kirby Hackworth and Dwane Douglas who helped raise just under �2,000 for Poppy's operation appeal
Poppy Wilkinson with mum Kirby Hackworth and Dwane Douglas who helped raise just under �2,000 for Poppy's operation appeal

A FUND to give a battling little girl a more comfortable life has received a big boost.

Three-year-old Poppy Wilkinson was born with no left foot, and no toes on her right foot, after problems developed during her mum’s pregnancy.

Poppy Wilkinson with her mum Kirby Hackworth

Poppy Wilkinson with her mum Kirby Hackworth

She developed amniotic band syndrome, where fibres in the womb wrap around limbs and cut off blood flow.

Poppy has a prosthetic foot to help her lead the normal life of an active child.

But she is facing a third operation to ease her pain as the bones in her leg poke through as she grows.

A fund, called Poppy’s Appeal, to help pay for the operation privately, has just received a big boost from family friend Dwane Douglas, who held a charity night at the Rovers Quoit Club, in Easington Road, featuring local band Freetown.

She has coped absolutely fantastically

Poppy’s mum Kirby Hackworth

Dwane said: “Poppy has been having a bit of a hard time recently with being in hospital.

“Her grandmother Jennifer Berry is a close friend of the family and I was happy to help.”

Poppy’s mum Kirby Hackworth, 23, said: “We are absolutely over the moon, it is lovely of him.

“I can’t believe how generous everyone has been, we’ve had a lot of help from a lot of people.

Poppy Wilkinson

Poppy Wilkinson

“There is still money to come in from coast to coasts and not including Dwane’s money, the trust fund is at nearly £4,000.”

Poppy, who was born prematurely at 24 weeks, and weighing just 1lb 10oz, has already undergone two operations to shave the bone in her leg.

She is due to see a consultant at James Cook University Hospital in Middlesbrough next week to find out when she will need her next one.

The fund was set up as Poppy was on the NHS waiting list for her last operation for eight months and her family do not want her to miss out on everyday life when she uses a wheelchair when unable to wear her prosthetic foot.

Poppy Wilkinson

Poppy Wilkinson

And Poppy has just undergone keyhole heart surgery to close a valve in her heart as a result of her premature arrival.

But Kirby and the rest of Poppy’s loving family have been amazed at her constant bravery and happy outlook.

“She has coped absolutely fantastically,” added Kirby, who is training to be a paediatric nurse.

“She is a little princess and loves having her leg even though she does get a bit aggravated sometimes when she has to take it off.”