Potholes added to repair programme after councillor’s campaign

Headland and Harbour councillor Mike McLaughlin
Headland and Harbour councillor Mike McLaughlin

A number of potholes have been added to the council’s works programme after being highlighted by fed-up residents in a councillor’s campaign.

Councillor Mike McLaughlin used social media to encourage residents to flag up problem potholes and uneven pavements across the town.

Potholes in Brierton Lane. The top half of the road is on the council's provisional programme for 2019/20

Potholes in Brierton Lane. The top half of the road is on the council's provisional programme for 2019/20

Many have now been added to Hartlepool Borough Council’s works programme for this year or to be assessed in the coming years.

Coun McLaughlin said: “I think this was a really good campaign with positive outcomes for our town.

“I took the unedited feedback from residents directly back to council officials and they saw how angry people were at the potholes in Hartlepool.

“I hope it also shows local councillors like myself and others do want to see what’s best for the town and will work towards that.”

He added: “Several people have contacted me already saying both how pleased they are that the potholes are being treated, but also some saying that the repairs are not to a high standard we should expect and this will be fed back to the council officers.

“I hope to keep an eye on the road works, and hope people feel free to contact me to report more or any issues with the repair works.”

Coun McLaughlin praised Peter Frost, the council’s Highways, traffic and transport team leader for listening to reports and being supportive of the campaign.

The Headland and Harbour ward councillor started the campaign after hearing from an elderly woman how she tripped on uneven pavements injuring herself.

He urged people to continue to report examples of uneven pavements to the council.

Examples of works done or added to this year’s programme include patching works on Worset Lane, potholes repaired at both the top of Park Road and on Hart Lane, a sunken gully near the Fens shop has been replaced, and section of the road out of Dalton Piercy is to be resurfaced on completion of ongoing drainage works.

Roads due to be assessed when reviewing the 2019/20 programme include potholes on Whitby Street, Seaton Lane, Raby Road and Macaulay Road.