Power station call

Jobless figures fall
Jobless figures fall

A FIRE crew was sent to Hartlepool Power Station after a false alarm - a week after a small fire broke out.

The automatic fire detection and suppression system was activated, in the auxiliary boiler house at the site, which is well away from the reactor building and turbine hall.

The station’s response team attended the incident and Cleveland Fire Brigade was also called to the site.

But when the fire service attended, there was no sign of fire and an initial inspection found that an overheated electrical motor was the likely cause of the detection system being activated.

It started around 4pm and was declared over 30 minutes later after it was confirmed there was no sign of fire.

No one was hurt during the incident. It comes exactly a week after the power station’s second reactor was shut down after a small fire was detected in the turbine hall of unit 2.