Power station given all-clear

BRITAIN’S power stations including Hartlepool will not have to bring in immediate actions in the aftermath of the disaster in Japan.

The cooling systems at Fukushima were knocked out by the earthquake and tsunami in March.

It led to a review of British nuclear operations which was carried out in the Weightman Report and its recommendations have now been announced.

Dr Mike Weightman found that the UK has displayed a strong safety culture in its response to Fukushima and current safety measures are adequate.

He also said it was not necessary to make immediate safety improvements to operating nuclear reactors in the UK.

But he did call for 25 recommended areas for review – by either industry, the Government or regulators – to be completed by the time of the final report in September.

Vincent de Rivaz, the chief executive of EDF Energy, which owns Hartlepool Power Station, said: “While these are interim findings only, they provide a clear endorsement of the safety culture and performance of the UK nuclear industry.

“We are not complacent. We will do whatever is required and we will implement all the recommendations that Dr Weightman has made. This is a valuable report with rigorous and sensible recommendations.”