Power workers begin £300,000 village upgrade

Roadworks on Greatham High Street
Roadworks on Greatham High Street

A £300,000 investment scheme to replace around 12,000ft of electricity cable to a village has started.

Northern Power Grid workmen have descended on Greatham Village, in Hartlepool, to begin the removal and renewal of the high voltage cable which serves the community.

The work, which started this week, is expected to take place in various stages until March.

Workmen, machinery and bollards can be seen around various streets in the village.

A spokeswoman for Northern Power Grid said: “We have started quite a significant investment project in Greatham worth aboout £300,000 to reinforce and renew and strengthen the high voltage cable network which serves the village.

“There are a number of elements to it which will affect different streets and areas at different times.

“We understand there will be some inconveniences as a result of the work but this is about investing in the long-term and the future.”

There will be a number of road where the engineers will be working, including:

l Catcote Road near to the Black Path, and Stockton Road, just outside of the village, from November 24 until early January;

l West Row, Parish Row, Front Street and Egerton Terrace from late January until late February;

l Station Road from late January to late March;

l Marsh House Lane from mid January until mid March;

l High Street, from November 16 until January 6.

The spokeswoman added: “Prior to the work we have written to all local residents to tell them about what we are doing.

“No resident’s electricity supply will be affected while the work takes place as we can divert power supply to keep disruption to an absolute minimum.”

There will also be no work carried out over the Christmas period while residents enjoy the holidays.

The project, in Greatham, is part of a region-wide scheme by Northern Power grid to renew cabling worth £400m across the North East, Yorkshire, and North Lincolnshire.