Praise for waste oil use

PEOPLE have been praised for their efforts in saving the planet and helping to generate clean energy by recycling cooking oil.

Hartlepool Borough Council has joined forces with green energy at Living Fuel to provide a collection tank at the Household Waste Recycling Centre in Burn Road for people to dispose of used oil.

Now they say there has been enough of the waste oil deposited to boil 120,000 cups of tea.

Kate Ainger, the council’s environment projects officer, said: “Cooking oil recycling is just one of the many different recycling options that we offer at our Household Waste Recycling Centre and we are delighted that it is proving so popular with local people. The scheme is an excellent solution to the problem of what to do with old cooking oil.”

As well as being used to make green energy at Living Fuel’s state of the art power plant, the waste oil prevents expensive damage to drains and sewage systems.

Operations director at Living Fuels, Rob Murphy, said: “It’s brilliant to see residents taking so well to a service that provides a way of getting rid of a difficult form of waste, while at the same time helping to create clean, green electricity for UK homes and businesses.”

The Household Waste Recycling Centre is currently open seven days a week from 8am-6.30pm, but from November 1 will close at 4.30pm until the end of March.