Bridesmaid Becky Bell. Credit Robert Usher photography.
Bridesmaid Becky Bell. Credit Robert Usher photography.

ADORABLE Becky Bell has always wanted to be a Disney princess.

And after the brave seven-year old started losing her hair because of the intense chemotherapy she has had in her battle against brain cancer, she was granted her wish ... with her own pink wig.

She donned the wig as she took on her bridesmaid’s role at her godfather’s wedding.

The smile of bridesmaid Becky lit up St Luke’s Church, in Hart Lane, Hartlepool, on Saturday. Just a day earlier, beaming Becky and her family were celebrating after medics gave her the go-ahead for a dream trip to Disneyland Paris.

The battling youngster is just two days away from finishing her first course of gruelling treatment before her family start planning for the once-in-a-lifetime break.

Proud mum Julie, 40, said: “It was an absolutely fantastic two days. To be told Becky was healthy enough to go to Disneyland was brilliant. She was absolutely delighted.

“On Saturday she looked beautiful. She insisted she wanted a pink wig. It looked beautiful and we are so proud of our princess.”

Brave Becky was bridesmaid for the first time when her godfather David Bell and Laura Dendrickson tied the knot. Julie said Becky had always wanted to be a bridesmaid and she had a “fantastic day”. “That smile never left her face all day, she was on a high,” added Julie, also a mum to 22-year-old Vicky and Mark, 11.

After five-and-a-half weeks of tough chemotherapy and radiotherapy battling a tumour the size of a golf ball, the youngster is now set for a four-week break from treatment. As reported in the Mail, her family wanted to take her to Disneyland during that period. Kind-hearted residents in Hartlepool and east Durham have raised more than £13,000 to help fund the trip.

Parents Julie and Mark, 35, were worried doctors would say Becky would not be healthy enough to travel after the six weeks of treatment. But they were delighted when she was given the go-ahead.

Julie said: “The thought of Disney has been pushing her on over the past few weeks. It’s helped her through the treatment and she has always wanted to go to Disney.

“We can’t thank people enough for their support over the past couple of months. It has been amazing. We have been taken aback by how kind people have been.”

After the four-week break and the trip to Disney, Becky will start a six-month course of chemotherapy and radiotherapy, which involves one week a month of intense treatment.

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