Price cut for former library site

Hart homes rejected
Hart homes rejected

COUNCILLORS are being asked to lower the price tag of former library site.

Hartlepool Borough Council’s new finance and policy committee is meeting tomorrow to discuss the sale of the former site of Foggy Furze Library and Staby House Bowling Green.

Work on the site has found that there are areas of contamination and drainage problems, meaning it will cost more than expected to clear the site to start building work to create around 30 houses.

A price had already been agreed with the developer that won the tender to buy the land, but it now wants to reduce the value of the sale.

Council officers say the new price is still competitive compared to the originl lower offers and the reduction to pay for the work is also considered as reasonable.

Councillors have been presented with a range of options including going ahead with the sale at a lower price, for the council to carry out the work and then agree a price for the land afterwards, to re-market the site, or withdraw from the sale with a view to re-use or re-marketing the land at a later date.

A report set to be discussed at the meeting states: “The revised tender, while less than the original, is still a higher offer than the net amounts offered by other tenderers, and is considered to reflect the market value of the land taking into account the remediation required and planning constraints.

“While carrying out the remediation work could be considered, its is unlikely to be cost effective as the intended developer will be able to carry out this work as part of the general site preparation and proceed immediately to the remainder of the construction work. It would also involve re-inspection of the site to ensure the work had been done satisfactorily and further contract negotiations.”

It is being discussed at Hartlepool Civic Centre, in Victoria Road, at 9.30am.