Protection in place at nuclear station

An energy supplier has issued a reassurance that Hartlepool’s nuclear site is protected against storms and flooding after reports claiming the site is high risk.

The report suggested that rising sea levels and storms put Hartlepool’s nuclear power station site at high risk of flooding.

But EDF Energy, which runs the site, has said that all of its nuclear sites are protected against such risks.

Energy bosses say if safeguards were not in place then sites, including Hartlepool’s, would be closed down.

An EDF Energy spokesman said: “EDF Energy is confident that all its nuclear sites are adequately protected against potential storm events and coastal flooding, and they will continue to be so.

“Such safeguards are part of our nuclear site license for each station.

“Without these arrangements in place the regulator would have the authority to close us down.

“The assessment of the fundamental safety of the UK nuclear plants was recently confirmed by both Dr Mike Weightman’s Report and the Office for Nuclear Regulation’s National Report.

“Protection from flooding has also been factored in to our new build plans and will be covered by a robust regulatory regime, should consent be granted.”

As previously reported in the Mail, Hartlepool was chosen as one of eight sites nationwide where new power stations could be built.

The reports claim Hartlepool and a site at Sizewell, in Suffolk, are two of eight potential sites which have a current high risk of flooding.