Pub attacker vowed he's 'done with the drink' after two violent assaults

A dad-of-one sentenced to three years for two drunken assaults told a judge he is 'finished with the drink'.

Monday, 30th April 2018, 3:50 pm
Updated Monday, 30th April 2018, 3:56 pm
Sam Brownless.

Sam Brownless carried out unprovoked attacks on two men outside a licensed premises in Hartlepool and Harrow, Middlesex.

After being sentenced at Teesside Crown Court, Brownless told Judge Peter Armstrong: "I will never be before you again.

Reflections in Hartlepool.

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"I'm done with the drink totally now."

Prosecutor Oliver Thorne told the court Brownless carried out the assaults within 13 days of each other.

"The first victim was sitting outside Reflections club in Hartlepool at about 1am." said Mr Thorne.

"There was a conversation between the two men before the victim appears to put out a placatory hand.

Reflections in Hartlepool.

"Brownless then throws a punch, knocking his victim to the ground among the street furniture.

"Brownless gives what seems to be a mocking wave as he makes to leave the scene."

The court heard the victim rose to his feet and Brownless threw five or six 'well-aimed and hard' punches, finishing the attack with a kick.

"Bystanders pulled the pair apart," said Mr Thorne.

"The victim suffered serious facial injuries which needed the surgical insertion of two plates."

Brownless carried out the second assault outside O'Neill's pub in Harrow.

"He had gone to the London area to work," said Mr Thorne,

"His boss had been engaged in an argument earlier with the victim.

"As the victim left the pub, Brownless approached from behind or the side, and threw a single punch, knocking him unconscious and to the ground.

"It appears the victim did not know the assault was coming."

Brownless, 27, of Rockpool Close, Hartlepool, admitted causing grievous bodily harm on August 13 and August 27, last year.

He has a previous conviction for causing grievous bodily harm with intent to resist arrest.

Andrew Teate, defending, said in mitigation: "Mr Brownless has been on remand since last September.

"There has been some delays in this case through no fault of his own.

"During that time he has been in Durham, Armley, and Wormwood Scrubs prisons.

"There are reports showing he has been a model inmate of each prison.

"He has completed many courses, including perhaps most helpfully, more than one relating to alcohol awareness.

"Mr Brownless has a young son with whom he speaks on the telephone three times a week.

"He is determined to play a full part in the child's upbringing."

Judge Armstrong jailed Brownless for three years.

The judge told him: "You have now committed three offences involving serious harm to other people.

"As you perhaps now understand, you get into trouble after taking too much alcohol.

"The drink means you are too easily offended, and you were on licence from a previous prison sentence for violence at the time of both of these latest offences."

The judge made Brownless the subject of an extended licence which means he will be on licence until 2023, irrespective of his release date.