Public sector strike: Mixed reaction from parents

Left to right (top) Adam O'Connor, Diana Baines, Tim Lupton (bottom) Tom O'Brien and Joanne Hughes
Left to right (top) Adam O'Connor, Diana Baines, Tim Lupton (bottom) Tom O'Brien and Joanne Hughes

PARENTS have mixed views about today’s strike which has forced schools to shut as teachers join industrial action.

Adam O’Connor, 29, whose four-year-old daughter Lyla attends St Joseph’s RC Primary School, in Musgrave Walk, Hartlepool, said: “I’m having to take a day off work so it’s not good.

“I’ve had to use a day’s holiday. I can understand why they are doing it, but I work in the private sector so I don’t see what makes them any different from me.”

Mum Diana Baines, 26, of Sheerness Grove, Hartlepool, has three children at St Joseph’s, Lily, five, Reece, four and

Alfie, three.

She said: “I won’t be able to do my normal shopping. Education is supposed to be the most important thing for children and they are striking in the children’s time.”

Tim Lupton, 32, of Osborne Road, Hartlepool, who has children Oscar, nine, and Tanya, six, at St Joseph’s, said: “It’s not going to affect us too much, its just an extra days holiday for the kids.

“I think its fair enough, people should fight for what they deserve, if that’s what it takes to get paid decently, they should go for it.”

Tom O’Brien, 36, of the Oxford Road area of town, who has 10-year-old twin girls Meg and Beth, attending Kingsley Primary School, said: “We’re going to have to entertain the kids, but otherwise it will be just like a normal day.

“I’m all for the unions and if it gets them what they’re after, then they should do it.”

Joanne Hughes, 42, of Brockwell Estate, Blackhall, will be taking part in the strike as a worker for the tax credit contact centre in Peterlee.

Mrs Hughes, who has a six-year-old daughter, Hannah, said: “Because I’m going to be off work it is not a problem.

“If I wasn’t I would struggle to get a childminder and would have to rely on family.”

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