Pupils set for screen

MOVIE MAKERS: Hartlepool Mail head of features Chris Cordner with the film star pupils of St Joseph's RC Primary School
MOVIE MAKERS: Hartlepool Mail head of features Chris Cordner with the film star pupils of St Joseph's RC Primary School

TIME-TRAVELLING students are starring in a new DVD – and it is about to go town wide.

Some of the pupils of St Joseph’s RC Primary School in Hartlepool have spent five months on a scheme to create a film all about the history of the town.

Thanks to support from the Heritage Lottery Fund, the St Joseph’s after school research club developed a film called Hartlepool – It’s About Time.

It is set in 2040 and features nine children starring as time travellers, and famous historical figures including St Hilda and King John.

The movie also includes the Hartlepool Mail’s head of features Chris Cordner who plays the controller. His job is to instruct his team of young time travellers on which century to head back to.

Jason Anderson from Radio Hartlepool features in the film as the voice of MONKE (Massive Online Knowledge Encyclopedia) which is the device which informs the time travellers about the era they are visiting.

The finished film will get its premiere on Tuesday, July 16 at Hartlepool College of Further Education

Deborah Boffy is the co-ordinator of the after school research club and said: “The children have loved it. They have thoroughly enjoyed learning new skills.”

The film takes the viewer on a journey through the ages in Hartlepool, from 651AD and the time of the Hereteu Monastery in Hartlepool.

It continues with St Hilda’s Abbey in 1240AD, and with the legend of the monkey hanging in the 1800s.

The students started by researching the background for the film with visits to important sites including the library and Museum of Hartlepool.

Then they turned to Gary Kester, the creative director of Design and Media Services at Hartlepool College of Further Education.

“We came up with a timeline and Gary came up with the script,” said Deborah who said filming then took place over four days.

Civic dignitaries, education chiefs and Hartlepool MP Iain Wright are among those to be invited to the premiere.

But the film will also go out to a bigger audience.

Deborah explained: “We are going to put packs together for schools. All primary schools in Hartlepool will get a copy of the DVD and possibly a booklet which will have old photographs of Hartlepool.”