Race against time for Talia

Foster enjoying the sensory room
Foster enjoying the sensory room

BRAVE Talia Foster faces a race against time to be home for Christmas after spending the last week in hospital.

The four-year-old, who has spent her short life in a battle against daily seizures, was diagnosed with a chest infection while on a routine visit to Newcastle’s Royal Victoria Infirmary last Thursday.

Due to Talia’s condition, she is unable to cough up the fluids which have built up on her lungs, and has spent the last week on oxygen.

Her mum, Clair 38, has been told by doctors at the University Hospital of North Tees, where Talia was transferred to after taking ill, that while she is on oxygen she won’t be allowed back home.

Clair said: “Obviously the main thing is for Talia to get better, but we don’t want her to spend Christmas in hospital.

“She’s getting better each day and she’s on less oxygen now than she was, so we’re just hoping she will keep getting better in the next few days.”

The chest infection is a big blow for Talia who has come on leaps and bounds over the last year.

Whereas she used to suffer hundreds of seizures each day and was unable to sit up unaided, she now has just one or two small daily seizures and earlier this year managed to walk a few steps with the help of physiotherapists.

Talia’s vision is also improving and she has developed peripheral vision, which she has never had before.

“This has been a blow because it’s been such a good year for Talia,” added Clair, who is married to Brendan, 37, and is also a mum of Callum, 17, and Gabrielle, eight.

“Last Thursday she wasn’t very well at all and when we got to the RVI she just deteriorated.

“Her body temperature was absolutely freezing, then all at once was picking up and going sky-high.

“They took her for a chest x-ray and told us she had a chest infection.

“I asked if she could be transferred back closer to home, which she was, and she has been on oxygen since.

“They put her on an IV drip and IV antibiotics and we are just hoping she get better now.

“Her ears are sore and her glands have swollen as well.”

Clair added: “We all want to be together for Christmas, especially for Talia and Gabrielle.”

Generous Mail readers have raised a staggering £34,000 for Talia over the last two years.

That money helped towards creating a new specialist sensory bedroom for the youngster, which was completed earlier this year.