Rachel’s a cut above the rest

Rachel Hodgman
Rachel Hodgman

A YOUNG barber has snipped her way to success in a regional 

Rachel Hodgman, 20, who works at Murray Street Barbers, in Hartlepool, won the first prize for the Men’s Cut and Blow Dry category at the North-East regional heats for the Association of Hairdressers and 

Rachel, who is completing an advanced class in wet shaving at East Durham College, in Peterlee ,alongside her work, said: “I’ve never entered anything like this before.

“It’s really good to have won.”

She added: “We had to find a model, and set them up as we wanted, in this case in a suit and tie, and then do the haircut around the look.

“We had 30 minutes, there was a few of us doing it together, with judges walking round to check everything was OK.”

Rachel, who has worked at the barbers for 18 months, added: “I want to finish off this advanced class, look to the future, and keep