Rail worker honoured after suicide rescue drama

Jonathan Hare, who was honoured for saving a suicidal woman
Jonathan Hare, who was honoured for saving a suicidal woman

A HEROIC rail worker who jumped on to the tracks to rescue a suicidal woman has been honoured for his bravery.

Hartlepool Railway Station supervisor Jonathan Hare leaped into action to help the distressed woman who was lying on the track.

He quickly stopped all trains – including a freight wagon which was due – before talking to her and leading her to safety.

The courageous 29-year-old has been rewarded by rail bosses for his actions by being presented with a Rising Star award at a glitzy ceremony.

Jonathan was on duty when two passengers alerted him to the woman on the track.

He said: “I came out to see what was happening and got on the phone to the signal box straight away to stop all traffic and alert them there was an incident.

“She was laying on the track and a works supervisor helped me down on to the track to help talk her out.

“It was very dangerous. If any train came she could have been killed.

“There had just been a train go through two minutes before she went on the track and there was a freight train due so I was keeping my eyes and ears open.

“I was not so much concerned for my safety, but for hers.”

At one point the woman, who was in her mid-30s and appeared to be under the influence of drink or drugs, ran off around a corner.

Several shocked onlookers had gathered at the station and railway bridge as the drama unfolded.

Jonathan, of the Foggy Furze area of Hartlepool, added: “I talked her back on to the platform by which time the police and ambulance services had arrived and taken care of her.

“I am trained to deal with emergencies, but nothing like that has happened to me before.”

Jonathan, who is single, collected his award at a glamorous ceremony at the The Palace hotel, in Manchester.

He was one of four Northern Stars chosen out of 51 finalists nominated for going above and beyond the call of duty.

Ian Bevan, Northern Rail managing director, said: “Jonathan showed care and compassion to a girl when she thought all hope had been lost. He became her Samaritan, and in doing so, made us all aware of his star quality.”

But Jonathan remains modest about his actions last June and added: “I just did what I thought was right.

“I’m so honoured my colleagues nominated me, I’m sure they would have done exactly the same if they had been in my position.”

As well as his trophy, Jonathan also took home £250 worth of holiday vouchers and a bottle of champagne.