Rain delays summer... yet again

Waves crashing over the rocks at the Headland
Waves crashing over the rocks at the Headland

WHO said it was Midsummer’s Day?

Yesterday’s dismal weather looks set to continue with the forecast for the next few days predicting even more rain.

Met office experts said the weather in Hartlepool was due to be wet and windy throughout today with temperatures creeping up to a modest 15C and winds reaching 10 miles per hour.

Tomorrow’s rain-o-meter was expected to be slightly lighter with the temperature reaching 16C and stronger winds of up to 17mph.

Anyone hoping to be out and about on Sunday will also need to take their umbrellas and wellies as the sky is predicted to be filled with dark clouds throwing out plenty of rain.

However, there will be the odd ray of sunshine to brighten the dreary day at times.

Sunday’s temperatures are said to hit highs of 15C with lighter winds of just 9mph.

Next week will see more showers on Monday with lighter cloud and temperatures again reaching 15C, and winds of 12mph.

A spokesman for the Met Office said: “I’m afraid there is more rain over the next few days – once again not like a typical summer.

“The winds will reach up to 17mph on Saturday so it will feel cooler and rather blustery.”