Raise a jar for album release

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HARTLEPOOL band the Jar Family are back with the long-awaited release of their second album.

Humorously titled Jarmalade was released digitally yesterday – to the delight of the lads – and the physical release of the record is now just weeks away.

Jar family member Al Devon with the band's new album Jarmalade

Jar family member Al Devon with the band's new album Jarmalade

Fans of the band got the first chance to listen to the full record yesterday when it was released on iTunes.

And it won’t be long before they get to see the boys in action back up north when they play a series of gigs to mark the physical release of the album.

“It feels like a monkey off our backs to finally get it released,” admitted Jar Family member Al Devon.

“We have had a lot of the tracks ready for about six months so it’s nice to have it finally out there.

“We’re all really pleased with it.

“It feels like years since our first album was released and it’s nice to see how we have all developed.”

The Jar Family, made up of Hartlepool lads Al, Max Bianco, Richie Docherty, Chris Hooks and “Dali” as well as former Squeeze bassist Keith Wilkinson and Kez Edwards, have assembled quite a following throughout the UK.

The line-up of the seven-piece collective, the inspirations and the ‘industrial folk’ sound remain the same as the first album.

But with years of top gigs and hour upon hour of studio time behind them, the Jar Family are a different animal to the band who released the first record, the home of big hits including Poolie Strut and In For A Penny.

But Al insists the band will never change what they’re all about.

“We don’t want to change what we are,” he said.

“Obviously with us having so many songwriters in the band everyone has different ideas but we all kept to the same theme, the same background.”

Tracks from the new album have already caused quite a stir, in particular Machines which became one of the top five most played songs in football stadiums across the country this spring and was used on BBC’s coverage of the Barcelona F1 Grand Prix.

And the band are looking forward to an impressive list of upcoming gigs to promote the physical release of the album on Monday, August 26.

They will be playing a couple of gigs in London the weekend of the release before heading back up north for gigs in Middlesbrough, Darlington and a signing session back home in Hartlepool.

Exact dates and times will be reported in the Mail closer to the time.

“There are a few places around the country where we have grown as rapidly as we have in Hartlepool,” said Al.

“But Teesside is where we are from and we always look forward to coming back home, this time it’s going to be even more special with our new album.”