Rat invasion fears over dumping at Hartlepool club

Colette Holmes has concerns about flytipoing at the rear of her home in Marske Street
Colette Holmes has concerns about flytipoing at the rear of her home in Marske Street

A RESIDENT fears rats will soon be getting into homes unless something is done about a derelict club car park which has become a fly-tipping hotspot.

Since Burn Valley Social Club closed down last year, the car park at the rear of the building has been used by people illegally dumping waste.

A fenced area is now piled with rubbish and overflowing into the main car park.

Colette Holmes, who lives in Marske Street which overlooks the eyesore car park, has voiced her concerns to Hartlepool Council for the last four months but claims her pleas for the area to be tidied up have fallen on deaf ears.

Council chiefs say they are aware of the problem and have been assured by the owners of the building that the site is “regularly” cleaned up.

Colette, 65, said: “I have lived here for 22 years and I’ve never once had a problem with the club.

“But since it closed down, the car park is just being used as a dumping ground.

“The car park is wide open, it’s not fenced off, and people can just come and go as they please to fly-tip.

“I’ve complained to the council, and the fire brigade have been down to check it out to see if it is an arson risk, but nothing appears to be getting done.

“A simple solution would surely see someone sent out to remove the rubbish, and then for a fence to be put up to stop people getting access.

“But as long as it is left wide open, I think this problem is going to get worse.”

Colette, who works as a receptionist at a town gym, added: “The gate from my back yard opens right onto the car park, and all of the residents along this stretch have the same problem.

“If the rats aren’t already raking around in there then it won’t be long before they are.

“We need this sorting out before this problem gets worse than it already is.”

A council spokesman said: “The property in question is privately owned.

“We have spoken to the owner who has told us that the site is regularly checked and any waste is removed.

“We will however continue to monitor the property as is normal practice when a complaint has been made.”