Ray’s got China in his hands

Ray Liddell
Ray Liddell

A TOWN businessman is celebrating after landing a big deal to supply one of the world’s booming economies.

Hartlepool firm Solutions Injection Mouldings clinched a contract to make 250,000 components that are used in equipment to help people with breathing problems.

The deal has come as a welcome boost to the business, run by Ray Liddell, 39, after being hit by the recession a few years ago.

Ray, from the Park area of town, said: “It is a welcome addition especially after the last few years with the economic situation when we lost our biggest customer.

“It is quite rewarding to be manufacturing something for a country like China.

“It is quite unique because I can make the product and ship it to China cheaper than for China to make it themselves.

“The Chinese infrastructure is growing rapidly so products from the UK and in general are in more demand where in the past there was never a need for them.”

The business, on Hartlepool’s Tofts Farm Industrial Estate off Brenda Road, has been making the small plastic part which is used in equipment to aid people’s breathing, for a number of years.

It has been supplying a UK-based company after Ray devised a way to make the piece quicker than his competitors.

Solutions Injection Mouldings can produce 1,000 of the components an hour, compared to only 1,000 a day that his rivals could manage.

Ray, who is married to Jenna, 27, was runner-up in the Mail-backed If We Can You Can search for entrepreneurs.

He added: “The company who used to do it has a sister company in China, so that’s how I got the order.

“Such is the rapid growth in China I would like to think it is quite possible it would be an ongoing thing.”

The business also uses its moulding technology to make parts for the car industry with customers including the likes of Aston Martin, Bentley and Nissan.