Readers back calls to scrap waste charges

Traffic waiting to enter the Household Waste Recycling centre Burn Road, Hartlepool.
Traffic waiting to enter the Household Waste Recycling centre Burn Road, Hartlepool.

Hartlepool residents have backed calls to scrap new waste charges at Hartlepool recycling centre.

The calls came from Coun David Riddle after the Government said councils should not charge householders from disposing of DIY household waste.

Hartlepool Borough Council introduced new charges on April 1 at the Burn Road site on waste it says is not typically generated in the home including soil, plasterboard, rubble and ceramics including bathroom suites.

But Coun Riddle has questioned the legality of the charges and said they encourage fly-tipping.

On the Hartlepool Mail’s Facebook page, people were in agreement.

Cliffy Field said: “Should be scrapped.”

Natasha Jackson, said: “Only cost hubby £6 last week, but I do agree you shouldn’t have to pay.”

Ann Robinson, said: “Should not have to pay, pay enough rates stupid councillors.”

Neal Simmonds, said: “Of course it encourages fly tipping and who clears that up, the council.”

Pam Mckenna, added: “I think all large items should be removed for free. Suites, beds, bedroom furniture. People should be able to ring the council and have it picked ASAP. Not everyone has transport. It will cost the council more to clean up after fly tippers.”

Tracy Cochrane, said: “Years ago the council used to put skips out in neighbourhoods for everyone to have a clearout.. of course that was when the council were community spirited.”

Graeme Scott, said: “I would like a complete breakdown list of my tax spend, this is shameful mismanagement.”

Matt Anderson, said: “And there we were thinking we pay council tax for a reason. Hay Ho. It needs scrapping like this present council.”

David Wheelhouse, said: “All our council saw was pound notes, wouldn’t see common sense if it smacked them across the face.”

Neal Dixon, said: “Not a chance I would pay to get rid of my rubbish and extra bits there, I pay enough council tax as it is.”