Readers back US President Donald Trump’s visit to the UK

Theresa May and Donald Trump
Theresa May and Donald Trump

Controversial American President Donald Trump should be invited to the UK for a full state visit, according to the results of a Mail poll.

Hundreds of readers took part in the vote on our website

Almost three quarters of people voted in favour of President Trump being invited to a full state visit with The Queen later this year.

Prime Minister Theresa May has faced claims she has put the monarch in a difficult position by inviting President Trump so early in his term and amid wide-scale protests.

MPs are due to hold a debate on February 20 after 1.6million people backed a petition calling for the downgrading of the state visit to Britain.

On our website, reader CaptainCharisma said: “Regardless of people’s opinions about Donald Trump, the UK needs to establish lasting trade relationships with the US in the wake of the ‘Brexit’ Vote. So yes, there should be a full state visit for Donald Trump with all the trimmings.”

Another reader geordie said: “Looking forward to seeing you here Donald, just jump on air force one, visit the Queen without an appointment, I bet she would still like the brash decision and make you most welcome and stop the crying from protesters.”

But JD Mac 2 said: “Thank goodness we live in a Parliamentary Democracy, no chance of a ‘70-year-old child’ issuing or even trumping executive orders from his thinking orifice.”

On Facebook, Paul Nedley said: “I wouldn’t invite him anywhere close to my home, but some people’s morals are higher than others.”