Readers fear parking charges will 'kill off' Hartlepool Marina as inspectors get tough on drivers

Mail readers have slammed new 24-hour parking charges around Hartlepool's Navigation Point, claiming their roll-out is "total greed".

Wednesday, 3rd April 2019, 3:27 pm
Updated Wednesday, 3rd April 2019, 3:34 pm
Business owners have been hitting out at parking charges.
Business owners have been hitting out at parking charges.

The fees, which were introduced in March, see motorists pay £6 to park their vehicle for 24 hours. The charges apply seven days a week.

Business owners in the Hartlepool Marina area have already voiced concerns over how the charges will impact their livelihoods and now readers have followed suit.

New 24-hour parking charges were introduced in March.

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Getting in touch on our Facebook page, some argued that businesses at the marina are already "struggling", with the parking charges set to make the situation worse.

The car park is privately owned - but Hartlepool Borough Council has confirmed it is looking into options for the acquisition of the car park, following a proposal from the Hartlepool Marina Business Group.

Readers revealed that the cost of parking deters them from visiting the area, while one claimed that the charges would "kill the marina off".

Inspectors are said to be coming out daily to hand out tickets.

Here is what you had to say about the issue on the Hartlepool Mail Facebook page:

Nikki Corrigan: "Surely this is deterring people from sensibility leaving their car overnight after they've had one or two and getting a taxi home ... madness."

Andrea Kelly: "Sick of all this paying for parking. This has stopped so many of us visiting anywhere. Why should you pay to park when your spending money in a place. Absolutely disgusting."

Steve Pearson: "Total greed and unacceptable."

Nicola Connor: "I looked at taking a unit down here but it is suicidal in the food trade to not have car parking free when it is available locally elsewhere. Especially when the marina is a seasonal environment already hindered during winter."

David Riseley: "I really feel for the businesses so many have already closed due to high rents and not being able to survive the winter months. This will only make the situation worse."

Rob Simpson: "No wonder businesses are having a tough time."

Thomas Hamilton: "It will kill the marina off."

David Jolly: "It's struggling enough without paying for parking."

George Young: "Don't go down, let the businesses go bust, then they will do something about car parking fees."

Anthony Cheney: "Money money money."