Readers have their say as travellers set up camp in Hartlepool

MIXED VIEWS: Travellers' caravans parked next to the Central Estate in Hartlepool.
MIXED VIEWS: Travellers' caravans parked next to the Central Estate in Hartlepool.

READERS have had their say after a group travellers set up camp on a town playing field.

Seventeen caravans moved on to the Hartlepool Borough Council-owned Central Park field at the bottom of West View Road, on the town’s Central Estate.

They arrived on the site on Tuesday night leading to council chiefs looking into moving them.

Readers have had a mixed response on our website and one our Facebook page.

Helen Adams wrote: “Move them then or take caravans to compound if they resist arrest em sharp move.”

Gail Pearce said: “They should be moved on football and rugby played on there.”

Diana Baines wrote: “They not hurting anyone.”

Sue Graham said: “Not harming no one leave them alone!”

Lynn Murphy wrote: “As long as they clean up after themselves I can’t see what the prob is, has anyone actually tried speaking to them, coz they are prob a canny bunch.”

Winona Smith said: “They may not be harming anyone, but is it really ok for them to roll up like this when everyone else pays rent or mortgage, council tax, water, gas, and electric etc and working people pay tax on what they earn.”

Angella Shaw wrote: “All the ‘lefties’ who are giving it ‘live & let live’; absolutely when there is no harm being done, I fully agree with what you’re saying. However in this instance they are doing harm, they’re camped out on a playing field that is used for sports. Said sports can’t be played if they are pitched up there, so evidently they are doing harm. Maybe this debate should be re-addressed again when the travellers have moved along and we will then see if there’s any debris, rubbish and whatever else left on a playing field what people have being trying to use.”

James Campbell said: “As an update, a friend of mine has been up and spoken to them. They plan to be away before the weekend.”

Kim Westhorpe Dickson said: “Wonder what all the rugby lads will have to say to them about this if they don’t get to play their matches this weekend?”

Julie Tayler commented: “People who say let them be haven’t got a clue too many people try to be do gooders it just doesnt work speak the truth & come out with what you think.”