Rebecca’s a regular giver for Hartlepool Hospice

Hospice official Greg Hildreth with Rebecca Jobson.
Hospice official Greg Hildreth with Rebecca Jobson.

Hospice supporter Rebecca Jobson has revealed why she became a Regular Giver for Hartlepool & District Hospice.

It was at New Year in 2015 she decided not to give up the things she enjoyed - only to feel bad about failing in her resolutions after three weeks.

Instead, said Rebecca. she decided to “give something back to my local community instead and feel good about it.”

She now makes a monthly donation to the hospice and enjoys the feeling of giving.

Rebecca added: “New Year’s Eve was a symbolic time for me to start my donation as that is when my own hospice journey began.

“It was at New Year in 2004 that my Gran passed away after being cared for at St Gemma’s Hospice in Leeds, which is why I care so passionately about our local hospice.

“I wish my children could have met their great grandma because I know she would have adored them, and they her, but I am so grateful that she was cared for in a Hospice where she had dignity, compassion and love.

“So this New Year I will once again raise a glass, be thankful for my amazing children and sit back and enjoy a piece of cake knowing that in 2016 my donation will help other people like we were helped.”